"Music is my life"

 Peter Adamov was born in October 1974 in Slovak city Žilina. 

With the charisma extension brings this Slovak singer in the music environment  a  hint of originality, of his own, that is to leave an impression on the listener. The diversity of musical genres from opera via pop, bossanova, samba, swing jazz, slovak folklore is Peter presenting a linguistic  multifunctionality of songs in excellent English, French, Spanish, Latin, Russian, Italian, or Portuguese or handling the role of the state of universal multi-instrumentalist and singer in elite position.
 Punching the  way in the sight of own philosophy there can be found, from the perspective of the author, parallels with Sting and his intellectual arrogance towards the environment of popular celebrities.


 Peter Adamov`s  musical maturity can be attributed to the development of the study of opera voice in the Conservatory in Žilina and  Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia. While studying he is engaged in a part-time job in Kammeroper, Vienna. Here he joins the cooperation with the Italian singer Stephanie Donzelli, touring  with Andrea Boccelli. 
By graduate depicting the character of `comte` in Mozart's `Le nozze di Figaro`, completing the studies at professor Peter Mikuláš, Peter leaves for Prague, where he cooperates with the Russian pianist Irina Mamaeva in the project of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff's romances.
 After particular performing in the musical Broadway, Peter remains in Prague for cooperation with the Prague Puppet Theatre as well as with the Archa Theatre.

 His debut solo album `Keď`(`When`) was on release when he recorded the acquisition of the prize Coca-Cola Pop Star 2003, under the  record label of Sony Music, whose single `Nechci odo mňa ujsť`or`Len tak` being sung with Misha, had been successfully promoted within the range of radios.

 In 2007 is Peter encountered as a semi-finalist in the song contest `Hit storočia`(Hit of the century) with `Song of his Native Land`(Pieseň o rodnej zemi) by  Gejza Dusík.

 In 2011 as the result of  deepening of Vietnam-Slovakia relations, Peter is participating  in the  music-oriented  project in Vietnam.

 As the proponent of our planet Earth protection, Peter reflected  the reference in his own composition `Home`, being  inspired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand`s  French environmental documentary`Home`.

Peter's musical coverage includes  regular jazz gigs  at clubs and concert stages throughout Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

   Following the time, taken out from the first album, the release of the new album `Portrait’ is upcoming before  Peter`s departure to Brazil. The work consists of his own compositions and cover versions of jazz standards by renowned artists in the style of swing. The support in the album`s  recording process was to by Gabriel Jonáš, Juraj  Griglák, Klaudius Kováč, Michal Bugala, Jozef Döme, Pavol Bereza, Martin Valihora, Eugen Vizvary and other important musicians of Slovakia. Album was published in 2016 by Music Fund Bratislava.

Having mentioned the `new album` musicians ,there is also being worth the cooperation with names associated with jazz such as Nothing But Swing Trio, Boris Čellár, Jazz Trio Brisuda, Dodo Šošoka, Pavol Bodnár, Stanislav Počaji, Peter Lipa ml., Štefan Bartuš, Oldo Petráš, Luboš Šrámek, Endre, Cossiga, James Evans, Beatburger Band and others.  

 For Peter`s  original pieces` lyrics were  invited to cooperate US writers Ted Whang and professor of literature Cyruss Cassels.

 In addition to performing the singing and the keyboards, guitar, flutes, bass playing ,the position of a kind of multiculturalism promotes Peter by playing the instruments such as shepherd's pipe(fujara), Dan Trung, kalimba, berimbau, drumbla, percussion, and various  pastoral pipes. 

Although, from the very beginning, Peter appears to be a soloist without back-up compact band, he crosses the line of the various formations of outstanding musicians. The paradigm of activities is affecting the area of ​​festivals (HipHop Festival Berlin, Vienna, Bratislava Jazz under the tower, Hip Hop Camp CZ), commerce (advertising, business events ) professional appearance in TV show (Bleeding by actress V.Žilková, Preferred, Superstar ) charity (projects: Refugees, Wild Poppies, In Search of a dream, Safe Internet, Sofia), gospel (The Hope GospelSingers Bratislava), orchestral-concert activities (German Opera Festival Isny) music therapy workshops for children (Žilina,Turčianske Teplice, Trnava, Bratislava) as well as hosting the projects of other artists (Luboš Šrámek -Abstractures, Theatre Trio 3T, Bossanova SK, Misha, Svetlana Rimanenko, Musica Aeterna, Richard Rikkon and others)

 The Renaissance dimension of artist Peter Adamov comes to complete by his relationship to folklore of Wallachian culture, and to personalities such as Janko Kráľ or Karel Plicka.

Step by step with the  standard production is  Peter  known for its non-standard `off-the-beaten track` wandering round the Slovak mountains with a bunch of pipes documenting traces of Juraj Jánošík, the Slovak legendary hero.

 In 2017 Peter Adamov was cooperating with popular project for children (Spievankovo a Kráľovná Harmónia) as a Maestro Batman(Majster Netopier).

 After 3 months of recording in San Antonio (Texas) he is releasing a new album called ‘BonBon´2019.

"Music is the only science leading you to the heaven"

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